Goal Digger -Secure the Bag

Who is the Queen of Clubs? The Goal Digger of the Loaded Deck. She is always positive and strong-willed. Her high level of knowledge makes her decisions, quick and effective. She continuously has a quest for knowledge which others may see it as insatiable. Because of this, she doesn’t tolerate ignorance or laziness in others. She’s too busy to be domestic, subservience is not in her vocabulary and she not willing to find out what that means, either. Her cravings for financial success hovers over her deep and sometimes obsessive urge for personal love. She prefers to make money through her own efforts. In the end, she is still generous and a good spender. Are you a Queen of Clubs?

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  • Love it! Great artwork! Queen of Clubs is officially my doppelganger!!

    Carmen Dorns

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